Thursday, May 20, 2010

Garage mods required

Before I can embark on this build, I need more garage space. Our garage is a largeish double, but we keep both daily driver cars in there whenever we're home. To make space to build a Cobra we are pushing out the back wall of the garage, making the garage 3 meters longer. This will allow me to store/build the cobra at the back of the garage, placing the car sideways.

A whole garage re-fit is part of this process. There will be a new floor from , and new cupboards and storage. I have not chosen a storage system yet. The brickwork will also be painted to lighten up the feeling of the whole space. Many more fluoro lights will be installed too.

Here is the current mess - totally unorganised, ugly, dark, and generally all around no good!

Here's the basic layout in 3D

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Beginning

Greetings, this is my Cobra build blog. Here I will be detailing the ongoing story of building a classic Shelby Cobra AC427 replica. This build will take a long, long, long time, but I intend to document the entire process on this blog, from start to finish (although they say these builds are never really "finished").

The build will be based off a kit from one of the local Cobra replica manufacurers here in Australia. The kit consists of a chassis and fibreglass body combination, I then bolt on / purchase / manufacture drivetrain, electrical and so-on to arrive at a finished car. If you want to read more about building Cobra's then is the best place to start.

For now I have not yet purchased a kit, as I need to decide on which kit manufacturer I will be using, but more importantly the Mrs and I need to extend the garage first to make room for this thing! More on the garage in another post soon.