Sunday, October 7, 2012

Penske Shocks

A couple of months ago I received the Penske shocks that I am using for my Cobra. Penske shocks are all hand-built and custom made to-order to individual specifications. They are truly a work of art, with astounding quality and finish

 These shocks are the PS-7500-DA double adjustable for bump and rebound with 48 settings for compression and 20 settings for rebound, and are an adjustable coilover-spring-seat design for a 2.5" spring. These shocks are a good deal more expensive than an off the shelf shock such as AVO, QA1, KYB etc, but Penske have a reputation for being the best and if build quality is any indication then I would have to say they are up there at the top!
Here are the spec sheets on the front and rear shocks that were built for me;