Saturday, August 29, 2015


The sidepipes, headers and cats have all gone off to be ceramic coated, they are expected back next week. I had the tailshaft made by GJ Drivelines, all 34cm of it. Unfortunately it did not fit in with the diff and transmission in place - there just was not enough room to angle it in. The diff had to come out, which requires the removal of basically the whole rear-end. A 3 hour job (and a sore back) from go to whoa and now the whole rear-end is buttoned up again.

The windscreen came out as I had to drill the holes for the centre support bracket, and the rear view mirror.

The tyres have been fitted to the rims. I had to use flush-mount valves to clear the big brakes.

245/40x17 front
275/40x17 rear

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The small things

The sidepipes are still under construction, no real update to add there at this time. Have been completing a myriad of other smaller jobs, made a bracket and mounted the coolant overflow bottle, finished the charcoal canister plumbing, plumbed the fuel filler and bits, also wired the EGR purge valve and the temp sensor for the water temp gauge.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Sidepipes under construction

Not a massive amount has been happening lately, have just been to busy with work/family/life. Recently though I have grabbed the sidepipe job by the horns and been getting stuck into the cutting, grinding and welding. We ARE making progress.

These pipes will be functional. 4" tube. inner 2.5" perforated and it will be stuffed with steel wool muffler packing stuff.

The inner tube and mounting rings/hardware are stainless, the rest is mild steel. The 4-into-1 are 2".

The tailpipe piece is flanged and will get mounted with a through-bolt so the internal baffle and stuffing can be removed and rebuilt.

Still have to clean up some more welds and will finalise the 90-degree tail pipe once it is mounted on the car.