Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bricks are finished

The bricky finished up on Monday. I did a bit of a tidy up today, and we start to prepare for the roof truss and concrete in-fill slab now

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bricks are underway

After a rain delay, the bricky's have started and we have some progress! Another couple of days should be it for bricks.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have purchased the gauges for my Cobra. Yes yes I know, I don't even have the car, what am I doing buying gauges? Well I decided to jump on the flying Aussie dollar and get them while the cost is comparatively low. I was looking at Speedhut gauges originally, as they're somewhat classic looking, while being modern electronic stepper motor design, and by all accounts they are an excellent top-quality product.

However, as I have decided (in my head) how my Cobra is going to look, it is going to have a modern "touch" or "flair", and as such I have gone with VEI Systems LED gauges, here's a snap of what they look like;

I have gone with Blue LED's for all of them;
(the flash went off in this photo, which makes it look less-dim, but when powered off the gauges are fully dimmed/blacked out);

Gauges I will have are;

(3 3/8")

(2 1/16")
oil pressure
fuel pressure
oil temp
water temp
fuel level
instrument "cluster" gauge

The last one is interesting, its a 1 5/8" gauge chassis with multiple warning lights built in, such as indicators, high-beam, brake-fail, check-engine etc. I removed the cruise indicator and had VEI replace it with a batter/charge LED (below photo is stock);

I have a VEI boost gauge in my daily driver and love it, very good quality, easy to read super-bright LED's which dim when lights are on. The gauges are completely configurable for brightness and functions. Neil at VEI has been great to deal with, and has even ensured that my tach is getting the very latest in brand-new functionality such as built-in shift light, and built-in F1 style progessive shift bar-graphs (two bars, one from each side which grow to meet in the middle at shift point, again all of this is configurable).

Bricks are here!

The bricks were delivered this morning as promised. The bricklayers are turning up next Tuesday to get started on what will be a few days of work.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Build update

It's not much of an update, but we're expecting the bricky to be starting work soon - bricks are supposed to be delivered on Thursday, with work starting shortly thereafter.

On the parts front, I have received some of the gauges for the car, and the clutch, another post on these later.