Saturday, August 29, 2015


The sidepipes, headers and cats have all gone off to be ceramic coated, they are expected back next week. I had the tailshaft made by GJ Drivelines, all 34cm of it. Unfortunately it did not fit in with the diff and transmission in place - there just was not enough room to angle it in. The diff had to come out, which requires the removal of basically the whole rear-end. A 3 hour job (and a sore back) from go to whoa and now the whole rear-end is buttoned up again.

The windscreen came out as I had to drill the holes for the centre support bracket, and the rear view mirror.

The tyres have been fitted to the rims. I had to use flush-mount valves to clear the big brakes.

245/40x17 front
275/40x17 rear