Monday, November 25, 2013

Oil Cooler

Yes Yes Yes, I know I haven't written on here in ages. Life has been getting in the way! Slowly slowly little things are happening  on the Cobra. The oil cooler is almost done. Here is a pic of the cooler I am using, from Finishline;

It has -10 AN fittings cast/machined into the housing. I am using all Aeroflow braided hose with black AN fittings for all my plumbing around the car. So the cooler gets mounted to the chassis with a couple of steel brackets which I fabricated and painted black, and then -10 braided hose with a couple of 90 degree hose ends;

Then comes the oil thermostat. A thermostat is important so the oil does not run too cold for too long, and has a chance to heat up to normal temperature before being totally passed through the cooler. This unit is from Improved Racing;

More -10 hose, and some angled fittings. The two heading rearwards towards the engine are 30 degree, the one heading out the left to the cooler is also 30 degree and the right hand front is 120 degree. The hose is secured in strategic locations with rubber coated stainless steel P clamps, and extra zip-tied rubber in certain locations to protect the chassis from rubbing of the stainless steel braid.
I am yet to install hose ends on the engine end of the hoses, I will that in another post along with the after-market oil pan that I have going on the LS3.