Monday, May 7, 2012

Not much happening

That's right, not a lot happening of late. No time! I did buy a thermo fan, and even found 3 minutes to bolt it in and take a photo!

Aside from that, I am spending more time researching and buying parts than actually building, but then again I suppose that is part of the "building", and is actually quite an enjoyable process. It turns out that it is possible to balance a baby with milk bottle in one arm, while typing an email, a blog post, and buying stuff on ebay with the other arm, all post midnight of course.

New rear VE hub flanges;

New front VZ bearings with integrated ABS reluctors;

VE rear lower arms, knuckles and handbrake assembly
(not as bad as they look, but will rebuild them anyway);

Custom made handbrake cable, to facilitate the BA handbrake lever with the VE rear handbrake (this part comes from ClassicRevival;

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