Saturday, November 8, 2014

Making Headers part deux

Continuing work on the headers, first to clean the mill scale off the flanges with a flap disc

Then welded up the headers to the 4-into-1, 2.5" outlet collectors. They will then get a 2.5" 90 degree turn towards the sides of the car, then the cats, then out into sidepipes.

Yes, my welds need some clean-up, but hey, I work at a keyboard all day!

Once all complete the headers and all the exhaust will get HPC coated in black.

The 4-into-1 collector goes into a 2.5" downpipe with O2 sensor bung and then a flange that points sideways. To this will go a 2.5" cat, and then out into the sidepipes.

Next up will be beginning to make the sidepipes......

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