Friday, August 16, 2013

Fuel Pressure Sender

Next up to go on is the fuel pressure sender. This again matches my VEI fuel pressure gauge, and is an electronic sender with a 1/4" NPT thread. This sender could theoretically go anywhere in the pressure fuel line, but I think the closer to the engine the better. As luck would have it the LS3 factory fuel rail has a fitting on it, although sadly it is not 1/4" NPT. The fitting on the end of the fuel rail has a Schrader valve in it, and is presumably there to allow diagnostic fuel pressure testing by service centres. The end with the valve can be seen in the centre of this photo with the black cap on it.

The thread on this fuel rail fitting is -4AN, so we need an adapter to fit our 1/4" NPT fuel pressure sender. While a straight adapter is available, this would make it stick out a fair way, looking less than average and may also interfere with the not-yet-fitted power steering fluid reservoir. So I decided to dog-leg it, and use a -4AN / 1/4" NPT 90 degree elbow adapter together with another elbow which is 1/4" NPT on both ends, and then the sender attached to that. Here are the parts together with the thread sealer for the NPT thread.
Here is the Schrader valve fitting, remove the Schrader valve with the valve tool ($3 off ebay)
Then the fittings can be installed. The chosen method of turning it 180 degrees makes it three pieces long, but tucks it away nicely behind the injector wiring and coil pack brackets.


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