Friday, October 21, 2011

A Cobra

This was posted recently at a Cobra website, I think it says it all;

The Cobra is a perfect storm of classically beautiful lines and proportions enhanced by functional modifications that really delivers on the visual promise of formidable performance. Starting with the timelessly pleasing shape of John Tojeiro's barchetta body, the Cobra sort of accidentally evolved into an automotive icon that manages to be both obscenely voluptuous and menacingly aggressive in appearance.

Nothing in that shape is a styling exercise - it's all functional and it elicits a strong reaction from everyone who sees it - from toddlers to the elderly. The reaction varies from person to person as the look of the car stirs a different part of different people's souls, but there's always a reaction. Unlike the vast majority of other automobiles you cannot remain indifferent when you see, hear, smell or feel a Cobra.

Then of course, there's the performance. Both small and big block Cobras deliver the goods to driver and passenger in a direct, unfiltered manner that goes straight to the seat of the pants. You receive powerful inputs of sound, smells, g-forces and a view across the most curvaceous hood and fenders you've ever seen.

At least four of your senses are bombarded with a staggering shot of direct inputs that are normally softened, dampened, insulated and otherwise censored in ordinary cars. You never walk away from a fast drive in a Cobra without feeling the familiar effects of adrenaline overload - not unlike the vibrating rush you feel after surviving a near death experience.

Cobras are simply about visceral extremes. Extreme beauty, extreme sound and extreme performance. Its the unfiltered, adult, alcoholic, XXX version of the automobile - not for the faint of heart and: THE SURGEON GENERAL WARNS THAT THIS PRODUCT CAN BE ADDICTIVE AND HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH!

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