Monday, October 17, 2011

Starting to cut holes

After spending a lot of time staring, I started to measure up for the windscreen mountings. This of course requires cutting holes in the body to suit the windscreen frame legs - a bit of a nervous moment cutting into the expensive body! Of course it can be repaired if a mistake is made, but its still nerve wracking.

Here is the windscreen, it is an exact reproduction of the original AC windcsreen, and comes from Surry in the UK. In this photo I have already attached the legs with the supplied screws. The windscreen was expensive, but it is fantastic quality.

The holes were measured and marked out, then cut out with a jig-saw

And that's where I basically ran out of time over the weekend. I did place the windscreen in the car for mockup, but will take further photos after its actually bolted in place. There are small aluminium sideplates plates which go over the legs where they go through the holes in the body, this covers up the edges of the holes and gives a clean and tidy finish;

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